Peirce Mill

Peirce Mill Peirce Mill Peirce Mill Peirce Mill

The stone Peirce Mill in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park was built as a gristmill in 1820 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Beginning in 1997 the Friends of Peirce Mill began fundraising and advocacy efforts to assist the National Park Service in restoring the mill to operating condition.  The head race had been filled in during the 1930’s, the style of mill wheel had been changed from a breast wheel to an overshot wheel and much of the interior equipment and supports had rotted away due to frequent flooding. Bucher/Borges Group (BBG) worked with the millwright and engineers to design the restoration of the flume, recirculating pumps, mill wheel and part of the head race.  The remainder of the head race was defined by parallel rows of stepping stones so visitors can trace the original head race back to the creek.

For more information, visit the Friends of Peirce Mill website.

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