TechWorks! TechWorks! TechWorks! TechWorks! TechWorks!

Bucher/Borges Group (BBG) leads the team of consultants designing TechWorks! – a center of the study of technology and industry in Binghamton, New York.  The Center for Technology and Innovation (CT&I), a non-profit organization, is developing the project in a 30,000 square foot vintage ice cream factory.  TechWorks! will tell the story about the technological advances that came from the region, and it is a story that will continue through a new approach to engaging visitors in the innovative processes of science, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship.

The information will be presented with interactive exhibits throughout the building and the building itself will become a functional exhibit.  The entry structure will incorporate sustainable energy using photovoltaics, a solar thermal system, and wind turbines to educate visitors about living green and supply energy for the center.  One of the internal exhibits will highlight the way the companies in the surrounding areas used each others’ ideas and technology to bolster growth for all.  A third developing theme is the Garden of Ideas.  It is an outdoor ‘garden of machines’ that will encourage visitors to make the transition from the real world to the world of the imagination.

The Binghamton Commission on Architecture and Urban Design unanimously approved the design and described it as “exciting” and “brilliant.”

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